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Best in class.png
Parent Awesome! Inc.
(Incorporated in Delaware)
Operating Company Awesome Limited
(Incorporated in UK)
Directors Andrea Madgwick
Christian Newman
Slogan MakeYouSmile®
Mobile App Apple iOS
Social (Corporate) Twitter
Social (Customers) Facebook

Awesome! is a direct-to-consumer global e-commerce brand founded in June 2015 and led by Andrea Madgwick and Christian Newman.

The brand is product, language and location agnostic using a One global brand, 76 local stores approach. the brand sells and delivers its own range of premium everyday products directly to customers doors through its chain of 76 local stores.

The brand operates a linear factory to front door service removing the unnecessary distribution stages and getting the product into a consumers hands quicker allowing saved distribution costs to be put into a better product.

Mobile App

The brand operates operates natively locally language and currency with in order to get the most suited possible customer.

Country Stores

Being location agnostic allows brand to source and sell from and to anywhere in order to work with optimal manufacturers irrelevant of the geographic product and sell to the customer in order to satisfaction.