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Operating Company Awesome Limited
Registration No. 4047903
VAT / Tax GB240794502
D-U-N-S No. 220455757
Founders Andrea Madgwick
Christian Newman
Products Consumer
Slogan MakeYouSmile
Head Office Welwyn, UK
76 Country Stores Africa (8)
Asia Pacific (15)
Europe (30)
Latin America (19)
Middle East (2)
US & Canada (2)

Awesome! is a consumer brand selling and delivering our own range of premium everyday products across 6 continents exclusively online through our chain of 76 country stores.

Founded in June 2015 and led by Andrea Madgwick and Christian Newman the company operates a factory to front door model delivering orders to customers front doors directly from the factory.

Our Approach

  • Our single word brand gives the business simplicity carry throughout the business
  • Our brand is about product quality and customer experience over price and speed.
  • We operate a direct-to-consumer model to control brand experience.
  • We utilise services-on-demand where possible to automate and reduce cost.
  • We see the location agnostic so we source and sell in the optimum markets.
  • Our factory to front door model allows us to enter and retreat from markets quickly.
  • Our modular approach maximise agility to enter and retreat from markets quickly.
  • We market natively allowing customers our customers to language, currency.
  • We're transparent about what we're trying achieve to allow everyone to feel involved.
  • We're built using sweat equity giving us robust setup.
  • Our zero employee model ensures most what the customer pays goes into the product.
  • We're not afraid to let go of things that aren't working in order to improve.
  • Our can do attitude means we don't do boring, we just have fun and love the word Yes!
  • We're registered in UK benefiting from worlds highest level of corporate governance.
  • Our office is located in the most convenient time zone for carry out cross border trade.
  • We acquire new customers through our chain of stores and nurture customers through our app.

Mobile App

The Awesome! App was released on Apple iOS and Android on 5th March 2016.

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Country Stores

We currently operate stores in 76 countries.

  • Local Currency
  • Native Language
  • Delivered Cost - Shipped to customers door.
  • VAT/Tax -
  • Duty & Customs -

Africa (8)

Country Language Currency Store
Cm.png Cameroon French (XAF) Francs
Ga.png Gabon French (XAF) Francs
Ci.png Ivory Coast French (XOF) Francs
Ma.png Morocco Arabic (MAD) Dirham
Ng.png Nigeria English (NGN) Naira
Za.png South Africa English (ZAR) Rand
Tn.png Tunisia Arabic (TND) Dinar
Zw.png Zimbabwe English (ZWD) Dollar

Asia Pacific (15)

Country Language Currency Store
Am.png Armenia Armenian (AMD) Dram
Bd.png Bangladesh Bengali (XAF) Francs
Hk.png Hong Kong Chinese (HKD) Dollar
In.png India Hindi (INR) Rupee
Id.png Indonesia Indonesian (IDR) Rupiah
My.png Malaysia Malay (MYR) Ringgit
Np.png Nepal Nepali (NPR) Rupee
Nz.png New Zealand English (NZD) Dollar
Pk.png Pakistan English (PKR) Rupee
Ph.png Philippines Tagalog (PHP) Peso
Sg.png Singapore Chinese (SGD) Dollar
Kr.png South Korea Korean (KRW) Won
Lk.png Sri Lanka Sinhala (LKR) Rupee
Uz.png Uzbekistan Uzbek (UZS) Som
Vn.png Vietnam Vietnamese (VND) Dong

Europe (30)

Country Language Currency Store
Al.png Albania Albanian (ALL) Lek
At.png Austria German (EUR) Euro
By.png Belarus Belarusian (BYR) Ruble
Ba.png Bosnia Bosnian (BAM) Marka
Hr.png Croatia Croatian (HRK) Kuna
Cz.png Czechia Czech (CZK) Koruna
Dk.png Denmark Danish (DKK) Krone
Ee.png Estonia Estonian (EUR) Euro
Ge.png Georgia Georgian (GEL) Lari
De.png Germany German (EUR) Euro
Gr.png Greece Greek (EUR) Euro
Hu.png Hungary Hungarian (HUF) Forint
Is.png Iceland Icelandic (ISK) Króna
Itx25.png Italy Italian (EUR) Euro
Lv.png Latvia Latvian (EUR) Euro
Lt.png Lithuania Lithuanian (LTL) Litas
Mk.png Macedonia Macedonian (MKD) Denar
Nl.png Netherlands Dutch (EUR) Euro
No.png Norway Norwegian (NOK) Krone
Pl.png Poland Polish (PLN) Zloty
Pt.png Portugal Portuguese (EUR) Euro
Ro.png Romania Romanian (RON) Leu
Ru.png Russia Russian (RUB) Ruble
Rs.png Serbia Serbian (RSD) Dinar
Si.png Slovenia English (EUR) Euro
Es.png Spain Spanish (EUR) Euro
Ch.png Switzerland German (CHF) Franc
Tr.png Turkey Turkish (TRY) Lira
Ua.png Ukraine Ukrainian (UAH) Hryvnia
Uk25.jpg UK English (GBP) Pounds

Latin America (19)

Country Language Currency Store
Ar.png Argentina Spanish (ARS) Peso
Bo.png Bolivia Spanish (BOB) Bolíviano
Br.png Brazil Portuguese (BRL) Real
Cl.png Chile Spanish (CLP) Peso
Co.png Colombia Spanish (COP) Peso
Cr.png Costa Rica Spanish (CRC) Colón
Do.png Dominican R Spanish (DOP) Peso
Ec.png Ecuador Spanish (USD) Dollars
Gt.png Guatemala Spanish (GTQ) Quetzal
Hn.png Honduras Spanish (HNL) Lempira
Jm.png Jamaica English (JMD) Dollar
Mx.png Mexico Spanish (MXN) Peso
Ni.png Nicaragua Spanish (NIO) Córdoba
Pa.png Panama Spanish (USD) Dollar
Py.png Paraguay Spanish (PYG) Guarani
Pe.png Peru Spanish (PEN) Sol
Pr.png Puerto Rico Spanish (USD) Dollar
Uy.png Uruguay Spanish (UYU) Peso
Ve.png Venezuela Bolívar (VEF) Dollar

Middle East (2)

Country Language Currency Store
Eg.png Egypt Arabic (EGP) Pounds
Qa.png Qatar Arabic (QAR) Rial

US & Canada (2)

Country Language Currency Store
Ca.png Canada English (CAD) Dollar
Us.png United States English (USD) Dollar